8th International Musicological Conference : “Musical and Cultural Osmoses in the Balkans”

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Συνέδριο : 8th International Musicological Conference[i]

Θεματική : “Musical αnd Cultural Osmoses ιn τhe Balkans”

Διοργάνωση : National University of Music Bucharest – International Musicological Society – Re-gional Association for the Study of Music of the Balkans

Τόπος, Χρόνος : Βουκουρέστι, Ρουμανία, 02 – 06.09.2019(Mediateca Building)

Ἀ­να­κοί­νω­ση : “For a modern methodological approach to the Theory of “Echoi” (Modes) of Psaltic Chant aiming at more efficient methods of teaching in practice”

Πε­ρί­λη­ψη : When we speak about New Method of Analytical Notation of Psaltic Chant we refer mainly to the great event of replacing the old Byzantine and post-Byzantine Church music notation by a new, extremely intelligent and easy-to-use musical system of writing down the ecclesiastical hymns. However, this remarkable and historical notational change was accompanied by a “re-formulation” of the musical theory of the “Echoi” (Modes) of Psaltic Chant. The “reformulation” was held under the direct or indirect influences of both the western musical system, as well as the eastern popular musical traditions. However, the origins of those influences must be sought at least a century ago. Fortunately, the old melodic and composing tradition is preserved through the notation until today, however, modern Byzantine ecclesiastical music exists and evolves in a paradoxical state of great dimension between theory and action. This is very clear in the Syste-mic Theory of the “Echoi” (that is, in the theory of scales and diastematic systems of “Echoi”), which is completely divorced from the existing and current old melodic tradition. The fact has direct and enormous implications on many aspects of Psaltic Art (the Byzantine Music), such as teaching, and ultimately, the act of chanting. This paper proposes a new, modern methodologi-cal approach to the Theory of “Echoi”, aiming at more efficient methods of teaching in practice.

Ἐξεδόθη : Τὸ κείμενο τῆς εἰσηγήσεως συμπεριελήφθη καὶ ἐξεδόθη στὴν ἀγγλική, ὡς English Sum- mary, στὸ σύγγραμμα (σελ. 161 – 170), Κωνσταντίνου Χαριλ. Καραγκούνη, Ἀπὸ τὴν Πράξη ἡ Θεωρία. Θεωρητικὴ Προσέγγιση τῆς Βυζαντινῆς, μετα-Βυζαντινῆς καὶ Σύγχρονης Ψαλ-τικῆς Τέχνης βάσει τῆς διαμορφωθείσης Ψαλτικῆς Παραδόσεως, Ἠλεκτρονικὴ Ἔκδοση, Βόλος, Ἰούλιος 2023, Σελίδες 1760, σχήματος Α4 (110 δεκαεξασέλιδα). Ἐπιμέλεια ἐκδόσε-ως – σελιδοποίηση – ἐπεξεργασία φωτογραφιῶν: Κωνσταντῖνος Χαριλ. Καραγκούνης. (ISBN : 978-960-599-351-1).